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Established in 1992, Excel Technology Pty Ltd was originally founded to provide niche electronic manufacturing projects and robotic surface mount technology assembly services which at the time were highly innovative and specialised. While quite successful for a number of years, eventually Excel Technology could no longer compete against the low costs of offshore production and looked for other opportunities. Today, Excel Technology is a highly specialised service provider within the consumer and commercial audio and electronics domain.

In 2001, Excel Technology commenced an alliance with Yamaha Music Australia a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation Japan, providing third party services for their national spare parts distribution and technical support functions. Since then, Excel has progressively gained responsibility for many of the technical and customer support functions. This includes high level repairs, product modifications and upgrades, administration and management of damaged and returned stock, refurbishment of this stock and subsequent resale through its sister company and online shop, Excel Hifi Pty Ltd. 


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